Parque des Nacoes

Discover a more contemporary Lisbon in this area totally regenerated for the world exhibition of the oceans in 1998. Notable for its modern and luminous architecture, with countless parks connected with the river, and responsible for creating happiness and satisfaction in all those who visit it, the Parque das Nações district is the ideal place to spend a day with the family.

It’s hard to imagine that the calmest, most family-oriented and spacious area of Lisbon has not always been a part of it. This formerly boggy area of shipyards was converted and regenerated to create a new Lisbon. Discover the area which today is home to some of the biggest attractions in the city, preferably with a whole day to spend and a whole night to dance. Although it’s true that Parque das Nações is a friendly place for the whole family, you’ll love it whatever your age. Marvel at the treasures of the seas at the Oceanarium; relive your childhood at the inspiring Museu da Conhecimento; enjoy a concert or show by your favourite performer at the fantastic Meo Arena; and never cease to be amazed at the extraordinary architecture of the Pavilhão de Portugal and Gare do Oriente.

With the river always there by your side, you can run, walk, date, picnic, watch ballet or a play at the Teatro Camões, try your luck at the Casino Lisboa, watch the water volcanoes explode, have a siesta, catch the cable car, or succumb to the temptation of returning to the Oceanarium to be sure that the moon fish, giant stingray and sharks really are there. At the marina, you’ll also find original and different places with an impressive nautical view.

At night, there are lively bars and restaurants that are informal and family-oriented. You might also like to stay at one of the hotels, especially if you’re travelling the next day: the airport is just 5 minutes away and there are trains from the Gare do Oriente to various places in Portugal and Spain, for those who prefer the charm of rail travel.